david judson clemmons and the fullbliss

Jud Tacheles

Jud formed as a Trio in 1995 just after David split with Damn the Machine, 4 cds & 2 7" singles are released on Noisolution/Berlin. Arne Gesemann found the band, through a few pieces of strange luck, Ilka Pardinas & Matthias Schneeberger were living in Los Angeles, and made the connection. Matthias (Schneebi) went on to produce a fullbliss cd as well "fools and their splendor". The band has taken a long break, and have talked about making a new cd, being the 5th full length release. More news in the next weeks. Original members, are David "hoss" Wright-drums, Steve Cordrey-bass, and David Clemmons-guitars&vocals.

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Jud photo shoot in Berlin